Peer Support Program

Are you interested in meeting with someone who is in recovery about your substance use issues?!?

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Ask reception at JAMHI Health & Wellness for a peer support program application or go to Peer Support Services Application

UPDATE!!! If You would like PEER SUPPORT SERVICES you will need to schedule it with reception Starting on Monday 3/9/2020

So what is peer support?

Peer support is a new program where we match an individual who is struggling with addiction to a person who has lived experience in long term recovery. These relationships can oftentimes be the difference between success and failure in treatment.  We understand that relapsing on drugs or alcohol can happen due to stress, boredom, or not having the resources that you need to survive. We also understand that there are many pathways to recovery. We want to help you find the right path for you and help you live your own best life.  We may also be able to assist an individual with finding employment, housing, as well as teach them coping skills to maintain recovery. A peer support specialist can work with an individual on any stage of the continuum of care. Including before treatment, during and support you during your aftercare.  Substance use issues are often chronic and progressive in nature.  Don’t white knuckle your recovery speak with someone today to help you make a plan and build your recovery capital.

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