JAMHI Health & Wellness Announces New Facility for Community Housing and Support Services


In response to the loss of an aging facility due to a pipe burst and flooding, JAMHI has purchased a property that will provide nine units of community housing and the associated support services for the people we serve. All units will be efficiency apartments in a serene, natural, recovery-positive setting. This move directly supports the goals and objectives described in the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority ‘Strengthening the System: Alaska’s comprehensive integrated mental health program plan 2020-2024’ (http://dhss.alaska.gov/Commissioner/Pages/MentalHealth/default.aspx) and its foundational goal of promoting independent, healthy Alaskans who live meaningful lives in communities of their choosing. It also addresses some of the most significant service gaps statewide as described in the plan, including community-based crisis services, outpatient behavioral health services with case management and affordable supportive housing. The new facility joins three other existing JAMHI community housing facilities throughout Juneau that together provide evidence-based permanent supportive housing for 46 adults.
JAMHI Health and Wellness was founded in 1985 as Juneau Alliance for the Mentally Ill (JAMI) and was originally organized as a family-based, grass-roots advocacy organization; providing safe, affordable housing for adults with severe mental illness as well as family support, information and referral, education and assertive stigma reduction.
Providing adequate access to effective, flexible, person-centered, long-term services and supports to help people live safely in the community, avoiding costlier and more potentially traumatizing institutional placement is an organizational strength. For the past two years less than 4% of those served in JAMHI community housing have required hospital-based inpatient psychiatric treatment and residents report a satisfaction rate in excess of 91%. JAMHI’s community housing and support services are effective and at the heart of the JAMHI Health & Wellness mission: helping people live their own best lives.



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